Investment Grade, Emerging Markets

and High Yield Bonds

At Guy Butler we offer clients fully independent service on a broad range of securities. Our suggestions are based upon the principles of taking the time to understand a clients requirements followed by careful analysis of the market in question. This approach allows us to return with ideas that are relevant and offer the best possible value.
We trade US Dollar, Euro and GBP denominated bonds as well as being active in the higher yielding and emerging markets currencies. On a regular basis we distribute to clients bond lists and specific trade ideas. We are able to provide tailor made bond suggestions on request in investment grade, fixed rate and floating rate bonds, emerging markets, high yield and structured products. Where appropriate we will advise on subordinated bonds and secondary structured products.
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Distressed/Illiquid Bonds, Equity, Bank Debt

and Special Situations

Guy Butler has many years experience as a specialist broker of special situations, high yield and illiquid bonds, equity and debt.
In many situations we will be able to help provide accurate pricing of illiquid securities, if not we may be able to refer the enquiry to other interested parties.
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We have clients interested in purchasing claims in various bankruptcy situations including Lehman Brothers, Kaupthing, Glitnir, and Swissair.