Aston Martin F1 - GBP 7%

Aston Martin F1 – GBP 7%


Aston Martin came back to the F1 track this year backed by billionaire Lawrence Stroll and he’s determined to see it challenge for the top places. Formula One management has agreed a spending cap, fairer income sharing, and wholesale technical regulation changes for 2022 with all ten teams, all of which are specifically designed to make racing more exciting and help smaller teams bridge the gap with the top three sooner rather than later.

Together with the £250m the owners have already put in, the retail bond will fund a new factory and wind tunnel that will aid Aston Martin F1’s long term ambitions. There is a lot to play for and we think Aston Martin F1 has a solid chance of seeing its dreams realised on the track, but regardless of placings, committed income from F1 and sponsorships currently in place provide a foundation on which to build financial performance as well.

2021 10 20 – AMR GP Finance – Desknote final

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